Monday, June 25, 2007

More News from the Front!

A quick update on two exciting developments:
  • Banshee now works on the .NET VM. Thanks to a tip from Javier of the Bibli@teca project who directed me toward a different set of GTK libraries.
  • Banshee now plays music. I've written a little DirectShow backend which provides all the niceties of playback: play/pause, seeking, volume control, &c. This is a temporary solution until I get GStreamer working, but it's nice to see this sucker actually do what it does.
That's all for now.


Sandy said...

Congratulations, this is great! I'll be interested to check out your work and see what the MS/Mono incompatibilities were.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great job! Maybe you can help me, I'm trying to use ipod-sharp in a .net win32 app, do you know if it's possible to compile libipoddevice for win32? Do you know how? Thanks!

Scott said...

I'm afraid I haven't gotten to iPods yet.

Anonymous said...

No prob, thanks anyway!
If you try to compile libipoddevice for win32 and use it with ipod-sharp please write two lines on your blog.