Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mono.Upnp Dance Party

So it's been a while since mention was made of a certain UPnP library. What happened? First, I had various other things to do. Second, I decided to do two or three major refactorings, ditching a lot of code. Third, I moved development to github.

What the status?
The status? The status, you ask?! THIS is the status! If you can't see, I am pointing at my TV. My TV which is connected to my PS3. My PS3 which is playing music from my laptop computer with WIRELESS NETWORKING! Yes friends, tonight at last, Mono.Upnp and the PS3 are doing the DANCE OF LOVE. I plug, it plays. Universally. About ten minutes ago I finally tracked down the typo responsible for a day's worth of debugging and let me tell you, Starfucker never sounded so good (and they already sound so good anyway, seriously, you should listen to them).

What now?
I've kept pretty quite about the whole project because I wanted to lay all the groundwork before make too much noise. There is still work to be done on the core of the library, but now that it's working I'll start sharing more frequent updates. You can follow the project on github if you want commit-by-commit news.

Can I help?
Sure! But helping might be a little tricky. The solution only loads in MonoDevelop SVN, and there are certain necessary BCL fixes that require Mono from SVN too (one of them isn't even committed yet). It's not quite "checkout, compile, run," but if you're interested in helping out, I will be more than happy to get you up to speed. I wrote a TODO on the github wiki today with some stuff that needs doing. Testing is also something I will need help on. I don't have access to an XBox 360 anymore, so I'm going to need help on that front. As the library and the tools evolve, we'll need to test with as many devices as we can.

Yeah indeed! NOW DANCE!